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How can I display my paintings?

Construction directions are as follows :


  • Concrete reinforcing rods 4 X 6′, 6 X 8′
  • Concrete reinforcing wire 3 X 4′ X 8′ panels
  • Wire ties
  • Tennis balls 5
  • Bungee cords
All materials except for tennis balls available at Home Depot.

The twire panels have rough edges that need to be folded back so they don’t poke someone. I bent the top and bottom wire of the 4′ side around the rods. This can be done ahead and then the rods can be slide through the loops and secured with wire ties once they are in position. The rods go easily into the ground to a depth of about eight inches. I put the 6′ rods at the back of the display and two pf the 8′ rods at the front. Three 8′ rods are fastened to the top of the three panels for added stability. The other two 6′ rods are put in the ground and used to brace the sides.

I used the remaining 8′ rod to put in the centre to hold up the tarp. I cut small slits in the tennis balls and placed them over the rods to prevent the tarp from tearing on the sharp ends of the rods. The tarp is fastened down with bungee cords.

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Sketch 1 (without the tarp on top)
Sketch 1 (with tarp)